Marketing Sucks. What are you going to do about it?

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Marketing sucks.

What are you going to do about it?

An e-book for engineers
on what do about,
with and for marketing.


Can’t we all just get along?

  • Why marketing matters
  • What you need to accomplish
  • Getting the attention
  • Getting the confidence in your solution
  • Getting the business
  • How we’re going to get there

Defining the problem: the positioning statement

  • What’s your problem? Who cares?
  • You talking to me?
  • How do I know I can believe you?
  • Putting the positioning statement together

Understanding the customer journey

  • Single decisionmakers
  • Considered purchases
  • Who do you have to convince in order to get the business?

Defining the audience: marketing personas

The economics of attention

  • May I have your attention please?
  • Does paying attention make sense?
  • Is now a good time?
  • May I have your digital attention please?
  • The quid pro quo of attention
  • Attention by the numbers
  • How attention relates to the business canvas

Differentiation and segmentation

  • How Consideration enables Segmentation
  • Segmentation via consideration of the problem
  • How Consideration Enables Differentiation
  • Combining segmentation and differentiation
  • Differentiation and segmentation for a considered purchase

Defining your business and marketing goals

Weaponizing your message

  • Do you get it now? So what?
  • Remembering in the context of acceptability
  • Weaponizing your message
  • The benefits hierarchy
  • Sequence vs. Hierarchy
  • Putting secondary benefits to work
  • And if there isn’t a successful meeting?

Weaponizing your content